Add specified files or directories.


brz add [FILE…]


Show what would be done, but don’t actually do anything.


Lookup file ids from this tree.

-h, --help

Show help message.

-N, --no-recurse

Don’t recursively add the contents of directories.

-q, --quiet

Only display errors and warnings.


Show usage message and options.

-v, --verbose

Display more information.


In non-recursive mode, all the named items are added, regardless of whether they were previously ignored. A warning is given if any of the named files are already versioned.

In recursive mode (the default), files are treated the same way but the behaviour for directories is different. Directories that are already versioned do not give a warning. All directories, whether already versioned or not, are searched for files or subdirectories that are neither versioned or ignored, and these are added. This search proceeds recursively into versioned directories. If no names are given ‘.’ is assumed.

A warning will be printed when nested trees are encountered, unless they are explicitly ignored.

Therefore simply saying ‘brz add’ will version all files that are currently unknown.

Adding a file whose parent directory is not versioned will implicitly add the parent, and so on up to the root. This means you should never need to explicitly add a directory, they’ll just get added when you add a file in the directory.

–dry-run will show which files would be added, but not actually add them.

–file-ids-from will try to use the file ids from the supplied path. It looks up ids trying to find a matching parent directory with the same filename, and then by pure path. This option is rarely needed but can be useful when adding the same logical file into two branches that will be merged later (without showing the two different adds as a conflict). It is also useful when merging another project into a subdirectory of this one.

Any files matching patterns in the ignore list will not be added unless they are explicitly mentioned.

In recursive mode, files larger than the configuration option add.maximum_file_size will be skipped. Named items are never skipped due to file size.

See also

ignore, remove