Create a shared repository for branches to share storage space.


brz init-shared-repository LOCATION

-h, --help

Show help message.


Branches in the repository will default to not having a working tree.

-q, --quiet

Only display errors and warnings.


Show usage message and options.

-v, --verbose

Display more information.

Repository format:

Specify a format for this repository. See “brz help formats” for details.

--2a, --bzr, --default

Format for the bzr 2.0 series.


GIT repository.


Bare GIT repository (no working tree).


New branches created under the repository directory will store their revisions in the repository, not in the branch directory. For branches with shared history, this reduces the amount of storage needed and speeds up the creation of new branches.

If the –no-trees option is given then the branches in the repository will not have working trees by default. They will still exist as directories on disk, but they will not have separate copies of the files at a certain revision. This can be useful for repositories that store branches which are interacted with through checkouts or remote branches, such as on a server.


Create a shared repository holding just branches:

brz init-shared-repo --no-trees repo
brz init repo/trunk

Make a lightweight checkout elsewhere:

brz checkout --lightweight repo/trunk trunk-checkout
cd trunk-checkout
(add files here)

init-shared-repo, init-repo

See also

branch, checkout, init, repositories