Rules are defined in ini file format where the sections are file glob patterns and the contents of each section are the preferences for files matching that pattern(s). For example:

[name *.bat]
eol = native

[name *.html *.xml]
keywords = xml_escape

Preferences like these are useful for commands and plugins wishing to provide custom behaviour for selected files. For more information on end of line conversion see End of Line Conversion. Keyword support is provided by the keywords plugin.


Default rules for all branches are defined in the optional file BRZ_HOME/rules.

Rule Patterns

Patterns are ordered and searching stops as soon as one matches. As a consequence, more explicit patterns should be placed towards the top of the file. Rule patterns use exactly the same conventions as ignore patterns. See Patterns for details.


Patterns containing square brackets or spaces should be surrounded in quotes to ensure they are correctly parsed.