Update a working tree to a new revision.


brz update [DIR]

-h, --help

Show help message.

-q, --quiet

Only display errors and warnings.

-r ARG, --revision=ARG

See “help revisionspec” for details.


Show base revision text in conflicts.


Show usage message and options.

-v, --verbose

Display more information.


This will perform a merge of the destination revision (the tip of the branch, or the specified revision) into the working tree, and then make that revision the basis revision for the working tree.

You can use this to visit an older revision, or to update a working tree that is out of date from its branch.

If there are any uncommitted changes in the tree, they will be carried across and remain as uncommitted changes after the update. To discard these changes, use ‘brz revert’. The uncommitted changes may conflict with the changes brought in by the change in basis revision.

If the tree’s branch is bound to a master branch, brz will also update the branch from the master.

You cannot update just a single file or directory, because each Breezy working tree has just a single basis revision. If you want to restore a file that has been removed locally, use ‘brz revert’ instead of ‘brz update’. If you want to restore a file to its state in a previous revision, use ‘brz revert’ with a ‘-r’ option, or use ‘brz cat’ to write out the old content of that file to a new location.

The ‘dir’ argument, if given, must be the location of the root of a working tree to update. By default, the working tree that contains the current working directory is used.



See also

pull, status-flags, working-trees